Blue Flag Handweaving is a home-based weaving studio as well as an online store featuring Bluster Bay shuttles and a few other weaving-related items.

Weaver’s Biography: Kristie Sherrodd

Weaving at a craft fair

Weaving and selling my work at a Sandpoint, Idaho craft fair, 2010

I have been a weaver and worked with all types of textiles since 1986. I was born in Chewelah, Washington in 1956 and grew up in Spokane and in the forests and on the lakes of Northeastern Washington and North Idaho. I attained a BA from Seattle University in 1978 and a Masters in Librarianship from the University of Washington in 1981.

Expressing myself and reflecting the world around me through art has been a part of my life since I was a child. My journey into the textile arts began in 1983 when living in Seattle. While on vacation and traveling aboard Alaska State ferries, I admired traveling Alaskans knitting warm, functional yet extremely beautiful garments. The urge to join them was undeniable. Within two years I had taught myself to knit, moved to Alaska, learned to spin yarn and weave and had begun producing textiles to exhibit and sell.

Kristie in her Alaska weaving studio, 1988

In my Sitka, Alaska weaving studio, 1988

For the next 22 years home was a small, remote island near Sitka, Alaska, nestled in a temperate rain forest with short, cool summers and long, dark and wet winters. It was a place ideally suited to a somewhat reclusive life steeped in the gentle arts of spinning and weaving with a majestic natural setting as creative inspiration.

Teaching a weavers' warp painting class, 2013

Teaching a weavers’ warp painting class, 2013

A move to Sandpoint, Idaho in 2007 was partially prompted by a desire to emerge from artistic isolation and become part of an arts community while continuing to live in an inspiring, natural setting. My work continues to exhibit that quality of exquisite functionality that I admired in the knitting observed on that fortuitous ferry trip many years ago. I have developed particular appreciation for the elegant simplicity and fastidious craftsmanship typical of Swedish weaving. That tradition has long served as a model I seek to emulate. Texture and palate are more crucial to my work than technically complex weave structure.

The textiles that I create are typically serviceable pieces with an aesthetic that goes beyond the merely useful.

Overshot towels n the loom